Central Glass at a Glance

The Future

Research and development efforts go forward each and every day at Central Glass in the growth areas of environment and energy, comfortable living, and the life sciences as we advance toward our goal of ¥300 billion in sales by FY2018.

Management Targets for Fiscal 2018

Net Sales ¥300 billion
Operating income ¥20 billion
ROE 8%
Rate of return to shareholders 30% range
Central Glass’s future Net sales of \60 billion in fiscal 2013 Net sales of ¥160 billion in fiscal 2018

Since our founding, the business of Central Glass has been guided by the principles of monozukuri, or "craftsmanship."

In everything we do, from the production of soda ash to fertilizers, glass, and fine chemicals, the source of our business development has been the principles of monozukuri. We contribute to the betterment of society through the making of high-quality products. Through this approach to monozukuri, the Central Glass Group will continue its unflagging pursuit of still better products in the future for people and for the global environment.

Product Proposals Based on Good Communication

By carefully listening to our customers and people outside of the company, Central Glass learns what people want and what challenges they face. This allows us to make better products. Our response to these needs involves making the kinds of recommendations our customers can readily understand. We will continue to offer the kinds of products that satisfy our customers' needs by keeping the channels of communication open to foster lively exchanges of information.

Our Engagement with the Future

The Central Glass Group established the "Fund for the Future" to grow new businesses and technologies over the long term. Starting in 2011, we transitioned from a system in which individual business units had managed their own respective R&D budgets to one in which the part of R&D budget is controlled directly by management. In this way, Central Glass is moving a program of unique R&D activities that is not necessarily tied to business goals in a few years but with a view several decades into the future.

  • Beginnings 1936
  • Businesses 7 fields
  • Global 22 group companies
  • Strengths 80 years
  • Contributing to Society
  • The Future ¥300 billion

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