Central Glass at a Glance

Contributing to Society

Central Glass Group products can be found in various aspects of daily life, supporting people's health, well-being, and comfort. We contribute to building a society that promotes comfort and health.

  • Home insulating materials

    Urethane foaming agent:

    Used as the raw material for solid urethane foam insulation

  • Computer

    Fire-resistant gas for magnesium casting:

    An environmentally-friendly fire-resistant gas used when casting parts

  • Mobile Phones

    Touch panel glass

    Used as cover glass for mobile phones, etc.

  • Mirrors

    Lead-free mirrors,anti-fog mirrors

    Environmentally-friendly lead-free mirrors whose backing coatings do not contain toxic lead and anti-fog mirrors that remain clear even in humid conditions

  • Bathtubs

    Resin reinforcement

    Using long glass fibers with superior reinforcing properties

  • Paddy Fields

    Coated fertilizer Ceracoat-R:

    With its high fertilizing efficiency and ability to reduce the amount of fertilizer applied, these fertilizers save labor, reduce costs, and are good for the environment

    Microbial control agents:

    These environmentally-safe microbial control agents are extremely safe for humans, livestock, and crops, and are appropriate for the cultivation of organic food and specialty agricultural products

  • Pharmaceutical drug

    Pharmaceutical drug substances and intermediates:

    Used in anesthetics and antiulcer agents

  • Architectural glass

    Architectural glass:

    Eco-glass, crime-prevention glass, soundproofing glass, and glass to improve energy-saving and interior comfort.

  • Automotive

    Automotive glass:

    Used for auto windshields, side windows, rear windows, etc.

    Lithium-ion electrolyte:

    Used in lithium-ion batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles

  • Automotive

    Automotive sound absorbing materials:

    Materials containing non-combustible short glass fibers used for sound absorption and heat insulation

  • Beginnings 1936
  • Businesses 7 fields
  • Global 22 group companies
  • Strengths 80 years
  • Contributing to Society
  • The Future ¥18 billion

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