Central Glass at a Glance


The unique strengths of Central Glass are to be found in an extensive product lineup rooted technical capabilities developed in the 80 years since the founding of the company, and in a corporate culture that invites all members of the Central Glass family to generate new ideas.

  • Wide-ranging business
  • A Diverse Product Lineup That Draws on a Deep Knowledge About Materials
  • Unique production technologies
  • Interaction over departments
  • A Corporate Culture That Fosters New Ideas
  • Fusion of Glass and Chemical technologies

A Diverse Product Lineup That Draws on a Deep Knowledge About Materials

Starting with its chemicals business, from the commercialization of fertilizers, to its move into glassmaking, and its entry into the fine chemicals market, Central Glass has made connections between the various ingredients and technologies of these various areas and has drawn on its knowledge of materials to provide the world with products of enormous diversity. Moreover, Central Glass has an abundance of proprietary production technologies, including being the only Japanese producer of ammonium chloride fertilizers and a producer of fluorine from hydrofluoric acid. In this way, one of our greatest strengths lies in the diversity of our know-how, which ranges all the way from niche markets to commodity products.

A Corporate Culture That Fosters New Ideas

Central Glass is different from giant corporations. We have a corporate culture that encourages our people to come together and talk without concern about seniority or how much experience they have. Central Glass blends the fields of chemical manufacture with glassmaking and other areas. We break down the barriers between departments so that ideas can be exchanged freely in an atmosphere that lends itself to the creation of new products. This is the Central Glass way of monozukuri, the way we make things.

  • Beginnings 1936
  • Businesses 7 fields
  • Global 22 group companies
  • Strengths 80 years
  • Contributing to Society
  • The Future ¥18 billion

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