Central Glass at a Glance


Since 1970s, Central Glass has expanded its operations globally and the corporate group currently comprises 22 companies in countries around the world.

Business expansion in Asia Region

Business collaborations with North American and European companies and research institutions

Business collaborations with North American and European companies and research institutions

Central Glass has a business partnership with France's Saint-Gobain Group in the production of automotive glass and our two companies have set up a joint venture, Central Saint-Gobain Co., Ltd. By combining the Central Glass Group's manufacturing base in Japan, North America, and Taiwan with the product capabilities and sales network of the Saint-Gobain Group operations in Europe, Central and South America, China, and Southeast Asia, we have built a global development and supply network that can respond to an increasingly globalized automobile manufacturing industry. In 2014, we purchased two subsidiaries from Guardian Industries Corp. of the US. One of these companies is a subsidiary of a European company.

Central Glass also has R&D facilities in the US, the UK, and Germany. We have created a network that can provide advanced services to customers around the world, from the initial phases of research and development in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical area to industrial-scale production.

Business expansion in Asia Region

In the glass industry, Central Glass has glass processing facilities for electronic glass materials in Taiwan. With the shift in recent years in demand for electronic glass materials from Taiwan to China, we set up an electronic glass materials processing facility in China in 2014.

In our specialty gas business for the semiconductor industry, we have set up sales offices throughout Asia with our Taiwan company operating as a member of the Central Glass Group companies.

In 2014, we established a joint venture for full-scale electrolyte production that is second only to our facilities in Japan to respond to a rapidly-expanding demand for lithium ion battery electrolyte.

In 2015, the Company decided to set up electrolyte production facilities in China. Going forward, our objective is to build a global supply system for electrolytes for large lithium-ion batteries in Japan, South Korea, and China.

Moreover, Central Glass is involved in the fertilizer business in Vietnam with the goal of growing out fertilizer business in the rapidly-expanding markets of Southeast Asia.

  • Beginnings 1936
  • Businesses 7 fields
  • Global 22 group companies
  • Strengths 80 years
  • Contributing to Society
  • The Future ¥18 billion

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