Central Glass Group has developed the fertilizer business based on the start of ammonium chloride.In specific terms, Group company Central Chemical Co., Ltd. is engaged in the manufacture of such ammonium chloride-based fertilizers as the NPK compound fertilizer with added phosphoric acid and potassium, NK compound fertilizer C with added potassium to ammonium chloride, Cera-coatR, by which the appropriate amount of ingredients is timely delivered to crops, as well as organic chemicals and ammonium phosphate. These products are sold through the nationwide JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives) network.

  • Cera-coatR

    Cera-coatR is coated fertilizer coated with vegetable oil polyurethane resin mainly based on natural materials. There are 11 brands, depending on the ingredient release term, ranging from 15 to 130 days. In combination with NPK compound fertilizer, NK compound fertilizer and organic compound fertilizer, Cera-coatR is widely used as a fertilizer that helps conserve energy.

  • Chemical Fertilizer

    Substantial research results have proved that these ammonium chloride-based fertilizers are extremely effective in promoting stable growth and high yields, improving taste and quality, alleviating crop lodging, accelerating photosynthesis and reducing root rot.

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