High Purity Powders

Central Glass carries a full range of high purity powders and fluorides for semiconductors and optical applications.

High Purity Powders

  Product Name CAS No.
Aluminum hydroxide UP-Al(OH)3 21645-51-2
Barium carbonate UP-BaCO3 513-77-9
Calcium carbonate UP-CaCO3 471-34-1

High Purity Fluorides

  Product Name CAS No.
Barium fluoride BaF2-SH 7787-32-8
Calcium fluoride CaF2-SH, CaF2-HG 7789-75-5
Magnesium fluoride MgF2-SH 7783-40-6

Three band fluorescent Materials

  Product Name CAS No.
Strontium carbonate SrCO3-F 1633-05-2

Calcium fluoride CaF2-SH

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