Fine chemical products

Central Glass can handle commercial scale manufacturing for a wide range of fluorine compounds by means of halogen exchange fluorination, fluorination using unique fluorinating agents, fluorination by F2 gas, electrolytic fluorination, or deoxyfluorination.
Using the know-how we have cultivated by manufacturing global active ingredient for pharmaceuticals, Central Glass undertakes contract manufacturing and joint development of active pharmaceutical ingredients and their intermediates under GMP. From small samples for research and development to industrial scale production, we are able to respond to the demands of our customers.

  • Aromatic Products

    Central Glass handles a wide range of aromatic compounds having trifluoromethyl groups that are produced in commercial quantities using hydrogen fluoride (HF) and the halogen exchange method. These products are using in many fields not only as cleaning solvents and lubricants, but also as intermediates for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.

  • Aliphatic Products

    Aliphatic compounds, including hexafluoroisopropanol (HFIP) derived from hexafluoroacetone (HFA) are used as pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates and in electronic materials. Central Glass has the manufacturing capacity to meet the needs of our customers with dependable supplies of high-quality products.

  • Chiral Compounds

    We are expanding our product line with a focus on the chiral fluorine-containing compounds that are used as pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates. Techniques such as deoxyfluorination make it possible to produce a variety of optically-active compounds.

  • Trifluoromethanesulfonic acid (Triflic acid) , derivatives

    Central Glass Group manufactures Trifluoromethanesulfonic acid (Triflic acid) at commercial plant. We also provide a wide-range of Triflate derivatives and Trilate salts including Trifluoromethanesulfonic anhydride(Triflic anhydride) and Lithium trifluoromethanesulfonate.

  • Aromatic monomers

    Central Glass manufactures BIS-AF [CAS No.1478-61-1], which is used as a cross-linking agent for rubber or a resin raw material. We also have high competitiveness to produce its derivatives and analogues. BIS-AF can add unique function such as the heat resistance to semiconductor materials and other compounds. We have built a high-quality product management system.

  • Aliphatic monomers

    Fluorine-containing aliphatic monomers that are used in optical materials and high functional materials can give heat-resistance, water and oil repellency, and transparency. We supply our products to customers in a wide range of areas, including contact lens applications, electronic materials applications, and so on. Central Glass is moving forward with the advanced development of high functional and high quality products.

  • Fluorine Resins

    This section introduces the CEFRAL SOFT flexible fluoroplastic which is outstanding for its weather resistance, durability and contamination resistance as well as its excellent working properties; the CEFRAL COAT solvent-soluble fluororesin for paint which sets at ambient temperatures and; CEFRAL LUBE, a low molecular PTFE suitable for application as a lubricant, water repellant, oil repellant or mold lubricant. Each of these fluorine resin products have been uniquely developed by Central Glass.

  • Contract Manufacturing (API, fluorination, etc.)

    Building on an R&D organization with many years of experience in inorganic and organic chemistry and our own fluorination technology, Central Glass has worked with pharmaceutical companies around the world in joint development projects for active pharmaceutical ingredients. We can draw on this extensive experience to provide your company with contract manufacturing to support your product development and commercialization.

  • Reagents

    We supply customers around the world with a wide range of unique reagents with the research and development support and procurement capabilities of members of the Central Glass group, SynQuest Laboratories, Inc. in the US and Apollo Scientific Limited in the UK.

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