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2016,The 51st Prize Winners

ThemeHouse to Live With Fūdo

  • Judging : Oct. 22, 2016
  • Awards Ceremony : Oct. 22, 2016
  • Total Number of Entries : 188 entries(including 87 overseas entries)

First Place


Ryo Itoigawa
(NOSIGNER Co.,Ltd., Japan)

Chief Judge

Hiroshi Naito
(Naito Architect & Associates)


Taro Ashihara
(Taro Ashihara Architects)

Tadao Kamei
(Nikken Sekkei Ltd.)

Teruo Kobayashi
(Obayashi Corporation)

Kengo Kuma
(Kengo Kuma & Associates)

Yoshiharu Tsukamoto
(Atelier Bow-Wow)

Satoshi Takayama
(Director, Executive Managing Officer, Central Glass Co., Ltd.)

Second Place

(¥300,000 each)

Cai Mian
(Freelance, China)Chuang Chenglin
(Freelance, Taiwan)
Huang Jiawei
(Freelance, Taiwan)
Lin Hanping
(Freelance, Taiwan)
Naoyuki Yamashita
(Graduate School, Nagoya University, Japan)Taiki Fujieda
(Graduate School, Nagoya University, Japan)
Syo Kitamura
(Graduate School, Nagoya University, Japan)

Honorabale Mentions

(¥100,000 each)

Jing Lin
(Tongji University, China)Chujin Xue
(Tongji University, China)
Yu Zhang
(The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Tae Yeon Keum
(Freelance, Korea)Min Kim
(Freelance, Korea)
Shunsuke Nakamura
(Graduate School, Tokyo University of Science, Japan)Kinteru Kawabata
(Tokyo University of Science, Japan)
Xiaoxiao Dong
(East China Architectural Design & Research Institute, China)

Merit Prizes

(¥50,000, each)

Hong Chur Kim
(The Mat.E., Korea)Sung Jin Kim
(The Mat.E., Korea)
Yoshio Okuda(Graduate School, Yokohama National University, Japan)Moeka Magari
(Freelance, Japan)
Ryosuke Hirota
(Graduate School, Ritsumeikan University, Japan)
Takashi Katsu
(Graduate School, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan)
Hikari Oguro
(Graduate School, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan)Naoki Ono
(Graduate School, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan)
Yuto Takenaka
(Graduate School, The University of Sheffi eld, UK)
Shogo Soga
(Graduate School, Tokyo University of Science, Japan)Kazuki Horikoshi
(Graduate School, Tokyo University of Science, Japan)
Takahiro Ohmura
(Graduate School, Tokyo University of Science, Japan)
Wonhyuk Choi
(JUNGLIM Architecture, Korea)Moonkyu Jeong
(Kookmin University, Korea)
Seungbeom Kim
(Kookmin University, Korea)
Itaru Yamamoto
(Doctoral Program, Graduate School, The University of Tokyo, Japan)Taku Inagaki
(Freelance, Japan)
Tony Leung
(Freelance, Hong Kong)

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2016,51st Competition ThemeHouse to Live With Fūdo