2001,The 36th Prize Winners

ThemeGlass House 2001

  • Judging : Aug. 22, 2001
  • Awards Ceremony : Oct. 18, 2001
  • Total Number of Entries : 574 entries (including 238 overseas entries from 37 countries)

First Place


CJ Lim
(Bartlett Architectural Lab, England)

Chief Judge

Toyo Ito
(Toyo Ito & Associates,Architect)


Tetsuo Naito
(Nihon Sekkei, Inc.)

Masaru Okamoto
(Kume Sekkei Co., Ltd.)

Itsuko Hasegawa
(Itsuko Hasegawa Atelier)

Riken Yamamoto
(Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop)

Kengo Kuma
(Kengo Kuma & Associates)


Shozo Baba
(Architectural Communication Consultant Ltd.)

Second Place

(¥300,000 each)

  • Takeshi Maruyama (Takenaka Corporation)
  • Peng-Jeng-Hwa (Tainan National College of The Art, Taiwan)
  • Daijiro Nakayama (Graduate School, Hiroshima University)

Honorabale Mentions

(¥100,000 each)

  • Todd MacAllen (Forsythe + MacAllen Design Associates,Canada),
    Stephanie Forsythe (Forsythe + MacAllen Design Associates,Canada)
  • Esther Laaper (Victoria University, New Zealand)
  • Koji Ashiya (Graduate School, Hosei University),Akiko Maita (Graduate School, Hosei University),
    Mieko Masui (Graduate School, Hosei University)
  • Andy Ku (Organized Crime Design Collective,U.S.A),Kam ku (Organized Crime Design Collective,U.S.A)
  • Daisuke Nakayama (Graduate School, Kyoto Prefectural University)
  • Megumi Isoyama (Graduate School, The University of Tokyo),Tomomi Ishiyama (Japan Women’s University)

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