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2024, 59th Competition ThemeToilet

Toilets are an essential part of human life, used several times a day and located in residences, parks, roadsides, offices, and commercial buildings.
Generally, toilets are enclosed spaces separated from the outside world to ensure privacy. Some residences have private rooms with toilet bowls enclosed by walls, or are equipped with showers, bathtubs, and sinks.

The purpose of a toilet is not limited to defecation.
It is also often a place to take a break, change clothes, or touch up one’s makeup. Toilets are designed to accommodate individuals with a variety of physical or social needs, ensuring inclusivity for all users.Having comfortable restrooms around us is an important part of life.

Each country and region has its own unique culture.
Although Western-style toilets are becoming more common, the forms and etiquette associated with Japanese toilets, European bidets, Islamic toilets, and so on are different. Composting toilets are used to collect excrement as a raw material for crop fertilizers. Toilets can also play a role in the recycling of resources, such as excrement, water, and paper (toilet paper).

In addition to the people who use these toilets, their purposes, functions, and forms, toilets embody a wide variety of the inclusive aspects of modern society, such as circulation.
Through the theme, we look forward to receiving proposals that will throw light on the distinguishing character of our times.