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Central Glass at a Glance
Corporate Name Central Glass Co., Ltd.
Headquarters Kowa-Hitotsubashi Building, 7-1 Kanda-Nishikicho 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0054, Japan
TEL: +81-3-3259-7111
Registered Head Office 5253 Okiube, Ube City, Yamaguchi
Established October 10, 1936
Paid-in Capital 18,168 million yen
Number of shares issued 42,975,995 shares
Stock exchange listings Tokyo Stock Exchange (First Section)
(Code: 4044)
Business Objectives

Manufacture, fabrication, sale and purchase of the following products and their related products:

  • Flat glass, processed glass and other glass products
  • Soda, chlorine, organic and inorganic fluorine compounds, fertilizers, high-purity gases, solvents, water treatment agents, medical products, agricultural chemicals and other chemical products;
  • Glass fiber products;
  • Fluorinated resins and other synthetic resins;
  • Civil engineering materials;
  • Electronic components and other materials;
  • Medical instruments and their materials; and
  • Soil improvement materials and agricultural equipments
(as of end March 2020)
Consolidated: 6,440 persons
Directors, Officers and Auditors
(as of end June 2020)
Representative Director, President & CEO Tadashi Shimizu
Representative Director, Senior Executive Managing Officer Takeo Komata
Directors, Executive Managing Officer Kazuhiko Maeda
Takashi Kume
Toru Miyauchi
Minoru Irisawa
Outside Director Masuo Aizawa
Tetsuo Nishide
Kimi Koinuma
Executive Managing Officer Denzo Tokushima
Yoshitada Makihata
Executive Officer Nobuyuki Tokunaga
Toru Ogawa
Akira Yuasa
Akihiro Ishii
Isamu Mori
Full-time Corporate Auditor Yasunobu Nishimura
Takahiro Kondo
Outside Corporate Auditor Ken Kikuchi
Masaaki Hori
Hiroyuki Kawai


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