Midterm Plan(FY2018 - FY2020)

The Central Glass Group has formulated a new three-year plan that covers the period from fiscal 2018 through fiscal 2020.

During this three-year period:

  • We will emphasize the operating profit ratio to show efficiency as a key performance indicator with the aim of restoring operating profit, which reflects the earnings power of our core businesses.
  • We will target an ROE of 6% based on our profit target, but this is just a milestone on the way to achieving our final goal of an ROE of 8% or more. We will continue to make improvements to reach our final goal.
  • We will use the cash we generate to continuously return profits to shareholders in a stable manner. Moreover, we will push ahead with investments and R&D to advance to our next stage of growth.

Basic Policy of Midterm Plan

'Achieve new growth by strengthening our business foundations and original technologies'

  • Strengthen our business foundations by making selective choices about priorities.
  • Deliver added value by anticipating the needs of customers and society.
  • Ensure compliance and contribute to the development of society as a global corporation.

Basic Strategies

  1. 1. Return to a medium- to long-term growth path.
    • ・Pursue returns by selectively allocating management resources to business fields targeted for growth.
    • ・Secure funding for growth investments by reshaping the operating structure according to business and organizational features.
    • ・Boost earnings power and efficiency as well as improve cash flows through carefully selected investments.
  2. 2. Distribute cash flows based on a well-balanced consideration of shareholder returns, investments and financial discipline.
  3. 3. Continue strengthening R&D to ensure future growth.

■Positioning of businesses in the current Midterm Plan (From FY2018 to FY2020)

Management Target(FY2020)

Operating Profit 18 billion
Operating Profit Ratio at least 7.0%
ROE 6.0%
Total Return Ratio 30% or more

Capital Investment Plan

Cumulative Capital Investment(FY2018-FY2020)  60 billion yen

R&D Plan

Cumulative Cost for R&D(FY2018-FY2020)  22 billion yen


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