A next-generation low-GWP fluorine-based blowing agent for which we were the first in the world to develop commercial production technology. This material is an environmentally friendly product that is not classified as an ozone-depleting substance and has a low GWP (GWP=3.88*).
*IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (2021)

Sample packaging form (used with the permission of NRS Corporation)

HFO-1233zd(E) is an environmentally friendly HFO product with both a no ozone depletion potential and an extremely low global warming potential (GWP). HFO-1233zd(E) is a nonflammable and low thermally conductive used as a blowing agent in the production of rigid urethane foam. Urethane foam, from which this product is made, is used in the insulation of buildings, freezers refrigerators, etc., achieving high energy efficiency (thermal insulation performance).

Grades 99.5% or more
Characteristics Clear, colorless volatile liquid having a slight ether odor
Applications Blowing agent for polyurethane foam
Packaging Tank truck (10 tons), ISO tank containers (10 tons)


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