Cera-coatR is coated urea with a vegetable oil-based polyurethane resin, the main ingredient of which is a natural raw material. Since this fertilizer dissolves slowly as crops mature, it can be used as a labor-saving fertilizer. After release is completed, sunlight and microbes serve to gradually dissolve and decay the coating.
While the release of fertilizer ingredients is affected by the temperature, there is little or no pH impact. Accordingly, Cera-coatR can be used for various types of soil.
Cera-coatR can also be used for mechanical fertilization (rice transplanters with drill fertilizer applicator, knapsack power applicators and broadcasters).

Types of coated fertilizers

Brand Guaranteed content Release type Release control (number of days) Release (number of days)
Cera-coatR15 TN:43% Linear type - 15 days
Cera-coatR20 TN:42% 20 days
Cera-coatR25 25 days
Cera-coatRL40 TN:43% 40 days
Cera-coatRL60 60 days
Cera-coatR30 TN:41% Sigmoid type 15 days 30 days
Cera-coatR50 25 days 50 days
Cera-coatR70 35 days 70 days
Cera-coatR90 45 days 90 days
Cera-coatR110 55 days 110 days
Cera-coatR130 65 days 130 days

Release control (number of days) and Release(number of days) are the number of days, which are required to release 10% and 80% of nitrogen,respectively, in 25°C water.

Cera-coatR compound fertilizer

Cera-coatR compound fertilizer contains Cera-coatR and is able to supply soil with the appropriate amount of nitrogen as and when a relevant crop requires. After the initial fertilization as base, Cera-coatR compound fertilizer works long enough to reduce time and labor related to additional fertilization. Insomuch that the production cost is reduced. Furthermore, as Cera-coatR compound fertilizer is so efficient that users are able to reduce the amount of fertilizer applied, consequently, fertilizer runoffs to rivers and ponds will be minimized.

Table: Cera-coatR compound fertilizer products

Areas Brand Ingredient Ration of controlled-release nitrogen
Cold regions Cera-coatR compound fertilizer 253(BC) 20-15-13 50
Cera-coatR compound fertilizer 555(AC) 15-25-15 40
Cera-coatR compound fertilizer 200(BD) 20-10-10 50
Cera-coatR compound fertilizer 500(ACD) 25-10-10 60
In-between regions Cera-coatR compound fertilizer 555(CD) 15-15-15 60
Cera-coatR compound fertilizer 845(DE) 18-14-15 55
Cera-coatR compound fertilizer 500(DE) 25-10-10 60
Warm regions Cera-coatR compound fertilizer 555(CE) 15-15-15 60
Cera-coatR compound fertilizer 024(CE) 20-12-14 60
Cera-coatR compound fertilizer 244(E) 20-14-14 50


Labor-saving fertilizers can be produced by blending chemical fertilizers and ―to create a base fertilizer that goes well with particular region and effective for only once single application. Labor-saving fertilizers for a single application are available for paddy rice, soybeans, and wheat.

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