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Ammonium Chloride

Ammonium chloride is one of main nitrogen fertilizers in Japan along with ammonium sulfate and urea. The main features are as follows.

  1. 1. Produces few hydrogen sulfide which causes rot, and helps roots grow healthy.
  2. 2. Accelerates photosynthesis and improves grain filling
  3. 3. Reduces crop lodging and stabilizes growth
  4. 4. Improves the taste of rice
  5. 5. As ammonium nitrogen can be retained well in the soil, the improvement of fertilizer effect and reduction of environment burden are expected also.
Ammonium nitrogen 25%

Research has demonstrated that ammonium chloride and fertilizers containing ammonium chloride are typically effective in terms of stability, high crop yields, lodging reduction, root rot mitigation, promotion of photosynthesis, and in improving both taste and quality.


Compound fertilizer raw material
Mixed fertilizer raw material

NPK compound fertilizer ・ NK chemical C

NPK compound fertilizer
This is a chemical fertilizer produced by adding phosphate and potassium to an ammonium chloride base.
NK chemical C
This is a chemical fertilizer produced by adding potassium to an ammonium chloride base.

Types of Ammonium Chloride Fertilizers

Type Applications Active Ingredient Features
NPK compound fertilizer Base fertilizer Nitrogen: Ammonium chloride, ammonium phosphate
Phosphoric acid: Ammonium phosphate
Potassium: Potassium chloride
High-analysis ammonium chloride compound fertilizer with a good balance of nitrogen, phosphoric acid, and potassium
NPK Mg compound fertilizer Base fertilizer Nitrogen: Ammonium chloride, ammonium phosphate, magnesium ammonium phosphate
Phosphoric acid: Ammonium phosphate, magnesium ammonium phosphate
Potassium: Potassium chloride
NPK compound fertilizer containing magnesium ammonium chloride for sustained fertilizer effect and magnesium effect
NK compound fertilizer C Additional Fertilizer Nitrogen: Ammonium chloride
Potassium: Potassium chloride
High-analysis additional compound fertilizer utilizing the special features of ammonium chloride

NPK compound fertilizer has physical characters, which are indispensable for labor-saving mechanical fertilization, such as (1) little variance of particle size, (2) low absorbency and (3)high degree of hardness and stability. (Table2)

Main NPK compound fertilizer and NK chemical C products

Brand Ingredients
Nitrogen Phosphoric acid Potassium Magnesia
NPK compound fertilizer No.1 14 14 14  
NPK compound fertilizer No.284 12 18 14  
NPK compound fertilizer No.046 10 24 16  
NPK compound fertilizer No.086 10 18 16  
"NPK Mg compound fertilizer
12 16 14 4
NPK Mg compound fertilizer 005 10 20 15 5
NPK compound fertilizer containing silicic acid potassium 884 8 18 14  
NK compound fertilizer C3 18 - 16  
NK compound fertilizer C6 17 - 17  
NK compound fertilizer C12 16 - 20  
NK compound fertilizer C68 16 - 18  
NK compound fertilizer C20 20 - 10  


Base fertilizer, Additional compound fertilizer

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