Glass Fiber

In 1971, the Company entered the glass fiber business when it established the subsidiary Central Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. Then, we established the subsidiary Central Glass Wool Co., Ltd. to produce glass wool in 1982. At that point we began supplying both continuous glass fiber and glass wool. In 2012, we merged both companies and integrated their operations as Central Glass Fiber Co., Ltd.

Fiber Glass Product

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  • Continuous glass fiber

    Continuous glass fiber is a 6-24 micron thin filament-shaped fiber. It is made by ejecting molten glass, which is melted in a 1,600 degrees centigrade furnace(kiln), through platinum nozzles at 3,000 m per minute.

  • Glass wool

    Glass wool is widely used as a heat-insulating and sound-absorbing material in automobiles and railway carriages.
    It is a fire-resistant and non-combustible material made from glass cullet and other recycled material.

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