Fine Chemicals

The Central Glass Group uses hydrogen fluoride which is synthesized from fluorite (CaF2), as well as high purity fluorine obtained by electrolysis of hydrogen fluoride to manufacture various organic and inorganic fluorine-based fine chemical products.
Based on this kind of consistent in-house production system, from raw materials to finished products, we can provide a stable supply of high quality products to our customers. The high quality of our products is recognized by users in Japan and around the world. Central Glass supports a wide range of requirements in the electronics, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and other industries. We are also committed to developing our fluorine fine chemicals products and to the development of new products to meet new requirements.

  • Electronic and functional materials

    Fluorine compounds are an essential part of manufacturing electronic products including semiconductor devices and liquid crystal panels. Central Glass offers consistent in-house production, from hydrogen fluoride, a base material of fluorine compounds, to finished products, assuring a dependable supply of high-quality products. Taking advantage of cultivated purification technology and analysis technology with high purity fluorine-based products, and offers non-fluorine gas products.

  • Environmental energy materials

    Utilizing the accumulated wide range fluorine technologies, Central Glass supplies green materials and contributes to society.

  • Fine chemical products

    Central Glass can handle commercial scale manufacturing for a wide range of fluorine compounds by means of halogen exchange fluorination, fluorination using fluorinating agents, fluorination by F2 gas, electrolytic fluorination, or deoxyfluorination.

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Fine chemical products

Electronic and functional materials

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