Soundproof Glass

Soundproof glass reduces ambient noise from external sources such as vehicles and trains, and also prevents interior sound from escaping to the outside.

There are two types of soundproof glass: the double-glazing type that combines soundproofing and insulating properties, and the laminated glass type that combines soundproofing and security performance.

Pairlex Soness Neo

Pairlex Soness Neo is a new double glazing that places priority on soundproofing performance. Comprised of panes of different thicknesses, Pairlex Soness Neo can achieve a higher level of soundproofing by filling the inner space with a special gas.
Moreover, this product has an excellent heat insulating performance as with ordinary double glazing.

Lamilex Soness

Lamilex Soness is a laminated glass in which a special resin interlayer is sandwiched between two sheets of glass, which is laminated together by heat and pressure. The reduction in noise barrier performance due to the coincidence effect* is compensated for by the interlayer, therefore, superior noise barrier performance can be achieved.

* The "coincidence effect" changes the noise barrier performance of planar materials. It refers to the phenomenon in which transmission loss is reduced(reducing the noise barrier performance) at certain frequencies.

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