Eco-Glass(high heat- shielding, thermal insulating double glazed glass) improves the comfort of your living environment and contributes to energy saving.

The performance of windows is important for creating a healthy and comfortable environment. Eco-Glass is a high performance insulating glass unit which has heat shielding and insulating properties, and is highly effective for controlling CO2 gas emissions.

Pairlex Twin Guard /Pairlex Twin Guard G

Pairlex Twin Guard is a heat shielding and insulating double glazing that is coated by sputtering on one side with a Low-E coating. It controls heat radiating from the glaring summer sun. In the winter, it prevents heat from escaping from inside buildings. Pairlex Twin Guard keeps your living environment cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
In Pairlex Twin Guard G, argon gas is injected into the space between the two panes of glass, thus increasing insulating performance.

* Low-E= low-emissivity.

Pairlex Heat Guard /Pairlex Heat Guard G

Pairlex Heat Guard is a low-emissivity glass window in which the panes are coated with a special metallic coating(Low-E coating). Pairlex Heat Guard effectively takes in solar radiant heat while reflecting room heat back into the building, improving heat insulating properties. While filling a room with bright natural light, Pairlex Heat Guard prevents escape of interior heat and creates more delightful living spaces.
In Pairlex Heat Guard G, the space between the two panes is filled with argon gas, thus increasing insulating performance.

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