We develop and manufacture electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries customized for each user. We use our overseas manufacturing bases to supply electrolytes to all parts of the world.

Since we develop our own electrolytes and additives, which are crucial to electrolyte performance, we are able to develop and propose electrolytes that meet a wide variety of needs. Our supply network, which extends around the world, also enables us to stably and efficiently manufacture and supply high-quality electrolytes to all parts of the world.

Diverse Additives

By combining our proprietary developed additives, we are able to customize various properties to meet our client's needs, such as improved output properties and battery performance.

Proprietary LiPF6 Concentrate Solution

We have developed the world's first method to produce the main raw material of electrolytes, LiPF6, in liquid form. It is currently being manufactured at joint venture company. The use of LiPF6 as a solution instead of powder improves production efficiency and allows for stable transportation of the raw material and cost reductions.

Global Supply System

With Japan as our base, we have manufacturing bases in Korea, China, and the Czech Republic. We have established a supply system for users in various regions from Asia to Europe, the U.S., and other regions.

  • Central Glass Chemspec Company Ltd.
  • JCEL Co., Ltd.
  • Central Glass Czech s.r.o.

Examples of Product Use

  • Batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Batteries for Stationary Energy Storage
  • Batteries for industrial robots
  • Batteries for public transportation

Product Packaging

ISO Container
20L, 200L SUS Drum
1㎥ SUS tank container

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Energy Materials Related Research and Development


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