CELEFIN 1233Z (HFO-1233zd(Z))

"CELEFIN" is a brand name that stands for "Hydro-Fluoro-Olefin (HFO) material developed by Central Glass."

"CELEFIN 1233Z" is a next-generation fluorinated solvent that achieves both excellent environmental performance (ODP≈0, GWP <1) and high cleaning performance. It is used in a wide range of fields.

・Degreasing and cleaning of metal-processing parts
・Silicone oil solvent
・Precision cleaning, particle removal etc.

Grades 99.5% or more
Characteristics Clear, colorless liquid (boiling point.: 39℃)
Packaging 20L pail(NET:22 kg) 200L drum(NET:230 kg)
Applications Cleaning agent, solvent

Background of development and characteristics

In the area of fluorine-based solvents and cleaning agents, HCFC-225, which has a high ozone depletion potential(ODP)and HFCs and HFEs, which have a high global warming potential (GWP), are currently used. Stronger regulation for solvents with high environmental burdens is driving demand for the development of environmentally friendly products with zero ODP and low GWP.

In fields requiring cleaning performance, substances such as chlorine-based methylene chloride and bromine-based 1-bromopropane were previously used. The toxicity of these substances and their effects on health especially have become issues in recent years.

Under these conditions, Central Glass has developed CELEFIN 1233Z (HFO-1233zd (Z)), a fluorine-based solvent that satisfies all of the requirements of environmental performance, cleaning performance, safety, and easy handling.

Environmental performance
ODP ≈ 0 (CFC-11=1)
GWP<1 (100-year time horizon)
Kauri- butanol value = 34
Surface tension(20℃) = 18.6 mN/m
AEL=100ppm  *
Flash point: None
Range of flammability: None (ASTM E681)
Pure Substances not including additives

*Provisional value of Central Glass(8 h-TWA)

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