We supply customers around the world with a wide range of unique reagents with the research and development support and procurement capabilities of members of the Central Glass group, SynQuest Laboratories, Inc. in the US and Apollo Scientific Limited in the UK.

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Founded in Florida in 1996, SynQuest Laboratories has engaged primarily in the development and production of fluorine compounds. The company is equipped with production facilities that go from small quantities of reagents to pilot scale manufacturing. SynQuest can support its customers with a wide range of fluorine compounds, and is particularly strong in the production and handling of aliphatic compounds containing high-pressure gases.
SynQuest has the ability to procure raw materials for the synthesis of unique compounds at low cost. With this ability, SynQuest can support your company's purchasing activities while checking the quality of procured compounds in their new analysis laboratory and providing their own quality assurance and analysis tables.

Apollo Scientific Limited, which handles more than 60,000 compounds, is located in Manchester, England. With a focus on pharmaceutical and agrochemicals, the company supplies reagents to customers engaged in organic synthesis throughout the world. Through a partner network that has been built up over more than 20 years, Apollo Scientific will provide your company with the reagents you are looking for at competitive prices. With inventories of more than 15,000 items, the company can usually ship product on the date the order is received. Be sure to visit the Apollo Scientific website where you can check to see if the amount of the compound you are looking for is in stock right now.
With the increasing demand for compounds having complex structures, it is Apollo's mission to supply the market with new reagents that are not currently available. Apollo's Laboratory armed with expertise in the synthesis of fluorine (mainly aromatics), sulfur, and heterocyclic compounds provides its customers with unique reagents.

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