Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is tougher than normal glass and can be used for windows(or other openings) where safety is required.

Tempalex(tempered glass)

Tempalex has 3 to 5 times the static fracture strength of normal glass. When broken, the glass breaks into innumerable small, cube-like fragments.

Mistrex S(figured tempered glass)

Mistrex S is a tempered figured glass(with a nominal thickness of 4mm). If broken, this glass breaks into innumerable small, cube-like fragments reducing the risk of injury compared to normal glass. Moreover, the surface pattern has both conceals and reduces glare.

School Tempalex(tempered glass for schools)

School Tempalex is a tempered glass having a nominal thickness of 4 and 5 mm that was developed for schools, hospitals and other public buildings. It reduces the risk of injury from glass breakage in facilities that require high level of safety.

HS LEX(double-strength tempered glass)

HS LEX is a glass that is heat-treated in a special way. It has twice the wind pressure resistance and thermal crack resistance of normal float glass of the same thickness. HS-LEX breaks in a manner similar to that of float glass, so its fragments remain in the sash, making it suitable for use in higher locations.

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