Dividend Policy

The dividend policy of the Company is to pay stable dividends in line with the business performance from a long-term perspective, while taking into account the enhancement of internal reserves for future business operations such as research and development and capital investment to strengthen the business structure.

Dividend Status

  Amount of total dividends
(million yen)
Dividend per share(yen) Dividend payout ratio
The 103rd term: Final dividends
(June 2017)
2,251 5.00 21.1
Interim dividends
(December 2016)
The 102nd term: Final dividends
(June 2016)
2,066 5.00 20.7
Interim dividends
(December 2015)
The 101st term: Final dividends
(June 2015)
1,884 5.00 18.1
Interim dividends
(December 2014)
The 100th term: Final dividends
(June 2014)
1,674 4.00 33.5
Interim dividends
(December 2013)
The 99th term: Final dividends
(June 2013)
1,674 4.00 34.4
Interim dividends
(December 2012)

*The interim dividends of the 103rd term includes a commemorative dividend of 1 yen.


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