Our Company's chemicals are used widely in various fields as basic industrial products. They are of direct and indirect benefit in everyone's daily life.

Led by soda ash, which Central Glass has produced since our founding, our calcium chloride and other soda industrial products which are made from salt have been widely used as basic material in a variety of industries. These products also have an essential role to play in the infrastructure that is vital to modern society.

We provide a wide range of inorganic industrial products, including polyaluminum chloride which is used in water treatment, as well as hydrofluoric acid which is one of the materials used in all sorts of fluorine compounds.

Another important category of products in the Central Glass lineup is fluorocarbon. These are the products born out of the convergence of our long experience so far in chlorination technology, fluorination technology, and mass production technology.

  • Polyaluminum chloride

    Clean water is an essential element of daily life. Polyaluminum chloride(PAC) and aluminum sulfate make use of agglutinative properties in the treatment of water for municipal water supplies, sewage wastewater, and industrial wastewater to adsorb(flocculate) and precipitate the fine particles and suspended solids in the processing of suspensions.

  • Hydrofluoric acid(anhydrous/diluted products)

    Drawing on the unique properties of fluorine, fluorine compounds find wide use in daily life. Hydrofluoric acid is used as a precursor for these fluorine compounds.

  • HFC-245fa

    HFC-245fa is a CFC substitute that does not destroy the ozone layer. It is used as a blowing agent for rigid polyurethane foam insulation.


    Using our fluorine technology, Central Glass supplies Earth-friendly cover gas "ZEM-SCREEN" (HFO-1234ze(E)) for the magnesium alloy manufacturing industry. They have low GWP and other environmentally-friendly features.

  • HFO-1233zd(E)

    Central Glass is a world leader in the development of commercial production technology for next-generation low-GWP(global-warming potential) fluorine-based blowing agents. This is a CFC-free product that achieves low-GWP(GWP = 1) without the use of ozone-depleting substances.

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