Glass Powder & Glass Paste

Glass powder and glass paste are used for sealing, bonding, and coating for electronic components.

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Sealant, Bond, Insulating film, Protective film, Sintering agent for electrode paste, Sintering agent for painting, Conditioning material of reflection index, etc.


Solar cells, fuel cells, lighting(LED), displays, paints, semiconductor parts, sensors, etc.


Glass powder and glass paste from Central Glass have the following features:

  • We can support a wide-range of firing temperatures, from 380°C to 800°C
  • We can adjust the coefficient of thermal expansion to suit your base material used.
  • We can recommend the development of compositions and processes for use according to your requirements
  Amorphous, crystalline Ceramic filler compounds
Coefficient of thermal expansion(30~300/K) 45~110×10-7/K 40~130×10-7/K
Firing temperature(℃) 380~800℃ 420~800℃

Environmentally Friendly Lead-Free Glass Powder and Glass Paste

Glass powder and glass paste made by Central Glass are suitable for environmentally friendly lead-free glass. Central Glass has developed lead-free glasses with a low melting point that can be bonded and sealed at temperatures below 400°C. In addition, by using compound materials, we are able to make adjustments to a wide range of expansion coefficients.

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