Electronic and functional materials

Fluoride compounds are indispensable in the manufacturing of electronic products such as semiconductors display panels. From hydrogen fluoride, which is the basic raw material for fluorine compounds, to the end product, Central Glass offers consistent in-house production and has set up a stable supply system for top quality products. We also supply non-fluorine gas products by utilizing the precision technologies and analytical technologies developed for high-purity fluorine products.

  • CVD Process Gases for Semiconductors

    We have developed commercial tungsten hexafluoride which is used to mold metal wiring. We have also developed a commercial silicon gases for low-dielectric insulating layers that can accommodate the ongoing miniaturization and integration in semiconductor.

  • Cleaning Gases for Semiconductors Manufacturing Equipment

    Since completing a multi-purpose manufacturing facility for high-purity fluorine gases in 1988, we have consolidated our position as a major supplier of chlorine trifluoride and other cleaning gases for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

  • CEG™ Series (Etching Gases for Semiconductors)

    "CEG™" is a brand that represents"innovative etching gases for semiconductors developed by Central Glass." In our CEG™ Series, we have commercialized various highly selective etching gases applied for the 3D devices and the cutting-edge materials.

  • Photoresist Materials

    We supply a variety of fluorine-containing monomers and polymers.

  • Graphite fluoride

    CEFBON is the brand name for graphite fluoride manufactured by Central Glass. There are two grades, CEFBON CMA and CEFBON CMC, depending on differences in average particle diameter.

  • Highl Purity Powders

    We offer ultra purity powders and highly-pure fluoride compounds used as a raw material for optical materials.

  • Other Fluorine Products

    We are commercializing a variety of fluorine gases used by excimer lasers.

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