Etching Gases for Semiconductors

We have commercialized various highly selective etching gases applied for the 3D devices and the cutting-edge materials.

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Compared to existing etching gases (C4F6, C4F8, etc.), C3H2F4 can etch SiO2 film or SiN film with high selectivity against the mask materials such as amorphous-Si. (JP Patent No. 5434970)

Purity 99.99% or more
Packaging Cylinder (10L, 47L) Material: Manganese steel


  • 3D-NAND SiO2/SiN multilayer etching
  • High Aspect SiO2 or SiN deep etching
  • Removal of SiN sacrificial layer


IF7 can etch Si film with high selectivity against the other materials such as SiO2 or SiN. Contact us directly for more information.

Purity 99.95% or more


  • Removal of Poly-Si dummy gate
  • Removal of Si hard mask
  • Si sacrifical layer etching


We have customized CIF3 which has been used for cleaning gas to high purity for etching gas. Contact us directly for more information.

Purity 99.99% or more


  • Etching gas for the cutting-edge devices


Used as etching gas for MEMS

State at room temperature Solid
Boiling point [℃] 114℃
CAS No. 13709-36-9


  • Etching gas for MEMS

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